I am an Assistant Professor at MEDS at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. My research interests are game theory, behavioral economics, social and economic networks, and experiments. Here are some of my recent papers:


Challenging Conformity: A Case for Diversity, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2015. New version: Sept. 2016.

A Belief-Based Theory of Homophily, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2014. New version: Sept. 2016.

Bounded Reasoning: Rationality or Cognition, with Amanda Friedenberg and Terri Kneeland. New version: June 2016.

Robust Multiplicity with a Grain of Naivete, with Aviad Heifetz, 2014. New version: Sept. 2016.


Also, check out my working papers, publications, or my CV.