I am an Assistant Professor at MEDS at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. My research interests are game theory, behavioral economics, social and economic networks, and experiments. Recent papers include:


Challenging Conformity: A Case for Diversity, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2015. New version: Sept. 2016.

A Belief-Based Theory of Homophily, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2014. New version: Dec. 2016.

Bounded Reasoning: Rationality or Cognition, with Amanda Friedenberg and Terri Kneeland. New version: Sept. 2016.

Robust Multiplicity with a Grain of Naivete, with Aviad Heifetz, 2014. New version: Jan. 2017.


You may also be interested in my working papers, publications, or my CV.