My research is in game theory. My research can roughly be divided into two areas: (1) foundations of strategic behavior; and (2) identity and social networks. I recently started doing experiments in both areas – an exciting new endeavor for me!


Foundations of Strategic Behavior: Selected Papers

Motivated by experimental evidence in psychology and economics, I model players’ introspective processes and cognitive limitations, and explore their behavioral consequences. See, e.g.,

Bounded Reasoning: Rationality or Cognition, with Amanda Friedenberg and Terri Kneeland, 2016.

Challenging Conformity: A Case for Diversity, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2015.

Bounded Reasoning and Higher-Order Uncertainty, 2011.

Robust Multiplicity with a Grain of Naivete, with Aviad Heifetz, 2014.

Ambiguous Language and Common Priors, Games and Economic Behavior, 2014, with Joe Halpern.

Robustness of Equilibria in Anonymous Local Games, Journal of Economic Theory, 2011.


Identity and Social Networks: Selected Papers

In my work on social and economic networks, I ask how economic forces shape social structure, and conversely, how social structures shape economic decisions and outcomes. I am particularly interested in the role of how identity shapes choices and affects social interaction patterns. See, e.g.,

Challenging Conformity: A Case for Diversity, with Alvaro Sandroni, 2015.

Inequality and Network Structure, Games and Economic Behavior, 2011, with Garud Iyengar, Rajiv Sethi, and Sam Bowles.

Ranking Friends, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014, with Yossi Feinberg.